Bonjour, so this is a little bit about myself. 

I was raised on the blood letting streets of Stratford Upon Avon singing songs for survival. Managed to burst out of those middle class shackles and fight my way up to a more befitting class in life (namely London based media nobhead). I currently reside in North London in a house that has all wooden floors, yeah, that’s right, all wooden.

I’m a TV presenter, actor, comedian, writer and I run a media production company called SUCH FILMS.

As a presenter I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some great shows. These include Got To Dance (SKY 1), The Hotel Inspector (Channel 5), Liza & Hueys Pet Nation (Sky 1), Angela & Friends (Sky 1), Most Shocking Talent Show Moments (Channel 5).

Most recently I have worked on a gameshow pilot for Maverick TV and a new and very exciting pilot for my own show on Sky 1 all about martial arts and travelling!

Comedy wise I can often be found working with my long time collaborator, the multi talented Rob Hoey.  I’ve written, produced and performed in loads of comedy bits and bobs which you can read about on the comedy page.

I subsidise my lifestyle as an international man of misery by moonlighting as a camera man and director, shooting anything from music videos to commercials to corporate promos.

All in all I’m naturally a very happy person with a penchant for eating until I can’t feel my face any more, dogs and making people smile. Please have a nose about.




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